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Meeting @onedirection with @MuireannnBieber (better attempt now that iv relaxed :L)

meeting @onedirection with @MuireannnBieber
well well well…. where do i begin? I’ll start with meeting Nialls family. After a guard brought us up to the front of the queue, we started talking to Nialls aunt Joan and her children Claire and Patricia. They were lovely n were telling us not to worry 1D were lovely. Then a guard asked us to step forward and we casually hummed WMYB until Harry came through the door. I started bawling n called Muireann x50. Liam n Zayn saw me and waved n smiled n Liam said ‘its ok darling?’ Harry saw us then n waved n smiled n shouted ‘HELLO’. DEAD. The photographers asked us to step up and we got gazillions of photos [with Liam breathing down Muireanns neck]. The boys were asked to sit down but instead they stayed standing for us. Harry kept shouting ‘HELLO HOW ARE YOU?’ n me n Muireann basically stood there -DEAD-. Muireann went over to Nialler n then i shouted NIALL YOUR SEXY. He laughed n told me ‘i spose i am’. Harry asked me would i like his autograph n asked random questions. I asked Harry for a cheeky kiss n he said ‘sure babe) n he bent down n kissed me on the cheek!!! I fell backwards n Liam was laughing at me :L then Liam said ‘how are ya darling?’ -DEAD- louis signed my CD next n muireann handed him a letter saying CARROT BOY n he was like ‘ohhhh’ n i told him how i was gunna get him carrots n he replied ‘They were rotting?’ in his sexy accent. Niall ran over shouting n Louis started shaking his head. Zayn asked me what was my name 3 times n i couldnt talk back. THE GUY IS PERFECT. Liam kept calling me darling n Zayn just mumbled away while Harry was still shouting ‘HOW ARE YA?’. I went to Niall next n he goes ‘HI dju want to spin around there or can you see like?’ I laughed n he laughed. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK. As we were leaving Muireann said to Niall ‘see you in December…. I MEAN JANUARY’ Niall laughed n said ‘i spose ill see you’.

I forgot to mention Nialls bro Greg who was SAVAGE but kept coughing n choking HAHA. Nialls aunt asked my mother where was i caz nialls nana wanted to meet me n Muireann. We had tea with Nana Nolan [Nialls ma’s maiden name]. We got lovely pics with Nana Nolan.

IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF OUR LIVES. Thank youuuuu @onedirection ;D


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